Hello 5B

Just a quick set of questions today set for you by Miss Wallace about Philip Pullman.

See if you can find them all on the website, then you can tell her you have published the answers to her questions on the internet.

You can find the answers here:  http://www.philip-pullman.com/


1. Where does he write his stories?

2. Does he have a favourite book? Why?

3. What books did he enjoy when he was young? Why?

4. What inspires him?

5. When did he start writing?

6. Did he have any involvement in casting for the Golden Compass?

7. What is the second book called in His Dark Materials trilogy?

8. Name the heroine in the trilogy

9. Where and when was Philip Pullman born?

10. What was his job before he became a writer?

11. Name 2 of his short stories.

12. Which theatre company presented clockwork in 2004? 


Good luck!

Mr Bishop


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Welcome to your last blog entry of this half term.

I hope you’ve enjoyed all the things you have done and eaten this week, it has been fun to teach you.

Today’s task 

Your task today is to answer the questions about the website that is linked below and to write some questions of your own.

Click on the link below and answer the questions. You will have to find the section that the information is held in on the website first:


1. A-Z illnessesflu – in the “who can get flu” paragraph, find out how flu is spread.

2. A-Z illnesses - nosebleeds - how should you treat a nosebleed?

3. A-Z illnesses - what part of the body does Osgood-Schlatter disease affect?

4. Body Tour - click on body parts and find the lungs, then find out how many times we breathe in air in a minute

5. Body Tour - click on blood (at the bottom of the picture) and find out where the blood takes the body’s waste products

Now write 3 questions about interesting facts you find on the website.

When you have finished you can visit the website that Nasir from Blend-it told you about:


Enjoy! And remember: stay healthy and safe!

Mr Bishop

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Well done 5B on your work so far on this website. We have some comments now from other teachers in the school and from someone who works for Geffrye museum (the virtual-garden design site). Can you find their comments on the site?

Today’s task 

Although Mohammed Nagi once told me…

“The internet knows everything sir!”

it is true to say…

“You shouldn’t believe everything you read.”

You have been finding incorrect information in databases for ICT recently and your task today is to research the following websites and decide which ones are telling the truth and which ones are telling lies.

Please write a comment detailing the websites you don’t believe in and explain your reasons.






I hope you find it.

Mr Bishop

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Hello 5B and welcome back to your blog   :O)

I am really pleased that almost all of you have now managed to write on the internet using this blog, you should be very proud of what you have done so far.

Today we are going to do something slightly different.

You have been designing an ice lolly in DT and next week you are going to make them. However, before you make your ice lollies you need to promote them using a powerpoint presentation and the persuasive techniques you have been learning in literacy.

We will publish your powerpoint presentations on the website so that anyone can look at them. The instructions to do this are below:

1. Open PowerPoint and save a new file in this folder:

studentdata/2007-2008 folders/5b/ice lolly presentation

2. Open Microsoft Word and then open the file called “ice lolly pictures” in this folder:

studentdata/2007-2008 folders/5b/ice lolly presentation

3. Create a 3-page powerpoint presentation, using persuasive language and features, designed to persuade someone to buy your ice lolly. You can use the pictures from the Word document in your work.

4. Remember to save your work when you have finished.

5. Enjoy your work!

 Good luck

Mr Bishop

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Welcome back to your blog 5B!

 To tie in with the work we have been doing on gardening during science week, your task this time is to look at the following website and answer the questions below in a comment form.

The website shows how different gardens were designed throughout history. Information about each garden can be found by choosing the garden you want to find out about and then clicking the “front” or “back” tab on each. You can also design each garden the way you like using the interactive garden design feature.

To answer the questions you will need to read through the information about each one.



  1. What inspired the gardens from the Knot era?
  2. In which year would you be growing your lants in the Edwardian era?
  3. Which gardens used herbs?
  4. Why did the Georgian gardens use flowers?
  5. Which gardens were on rooftops?
  6. Around what date were plants brought to Britain from other continents?
  7. What did the Georgians use to outline their gardens?
  8. If you were living in the Tudor period, what would you have had in your garden?
  9. Which is your favourite garden and why?

When you have answered all the quetsions you can design your favourite garden using the interative feature on the website.

 Good luck!!

Mr Bishop

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Hello and welcome to the very first blog for 5B!

This is a website for pupils of class 5B to use in and out of the classroom.

You will be doing some of your class work on this website during school time.

Your first task is ready – so click the next blog entry and complete the work that is asked.

 Good luck!

 Mr Bishop

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Welcome to 5B’s first blog task. 

Click on the link below to find the answers to the questions. Write the answers to the questions in a comment below.

Solar System Information


  1. How long does it take for mercury to orbit the sun?
  2. How far is the moon from the earth?
  3. What is the diameter of Jupiter?
  4. What makes Mars red?
  5. Name the largest 2 moons that orbit neptune.
  6. Give one possible explanation for the extinction of dinosaurs.

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